New Office Photographs in Spalding

On Wednesday we had a visit from our web design expert at 79DESIGN, Simon.  He helped us with a few technical issues while here, but he also took this wonderful photos of our new offices.  Pictured below is Steve Conroy, Director at Holbeach Recruitment, standing proudly behind the new reception desk.

It’s a much nicer, warm, clean and tidy place for our staff and recruits to visit.  To the right of the reception desk is a large table for us to chat with the many people that pop in.  We also have a new smaller office to the right, which will have blinds.  This is intended for private conversations, for those who have issues they wish to discuss in private.  Or if we need to discuss something confidential with you, away from others in the room.

holbeach recruitment reception

Front entrance to Holbeach Recruitment, Spalding

This is our new front entrance.  Very well signed.  There are signs in the front door to direct you around the corner to our offices and reception.  There are lavatories, and refreshments.  So it’s a nice place to visit when coming for an interview or to complete a form, or just to talk to us about a job you would like.

holbeach recruitment offices

We are extremely happy here.  Come see us.  There is plenty of parking.  We did get a photograph of the parking, but the lighting wasn’t great so it’s difficult to see.  But we shall get a photo of that done very soon.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Steve and team at Holbeach Recruitment.

Moved to new improved location offices

Holbeach Recruitment has now successfully moved into its new office location on the Gist site, on Wardentree Lane, Spalding (near Morrisons).

We are located in the office that was formally the Lloyd Loom premises next door to Gist’s existing site; just follow the signs.
Amanda, Elina and Steve are all permanently  working from these new premises.
This move will assist everyone from job seekers to current employees.

If you have any queries regarding or affecting your work come and see us, even if you just want to say hello we will be happy to see you.

There will be obvious customer care and communication benefits for Gist as well.
Not only are there offices in this building, but also packing and loading facility too.
There is also a huge benefit of addition of welcome extra car parking.  Our previous office was tucked away a little, in Holbeach, but we now have lots of free parking.

The Gist commercial team are busy looking for new customers to fill this space which will have a knock on affect for Holbeach Recruitment, more customers for Gist means more work for Holbeach Recruitment Ltd.

To contact us, please go to, or give us a call on our existing number.

We are having a few photos taken to show on our website, and will broadcast them when the weather is a little here in Spalding.  We look forward to welcoming to you our new premises.

Holbeach Recruitment on Google Plus

Did you know we are on Google Plus?

We are going to start sharing content on there very soon.

Here is a link to our Google Plus Account page.  We have may have featured news or posts on Google Plus, shared only on there, for our special followers who use that service.  So do please follow us on there.

Full details of our G+ account are on the right, or click here to go to our Google Plus page.

Google Plus Holbeach Recruitment

Gist additional vacancies Christmas 2016

Gist open their new warehouse before the end of this month which will give them much more extra needed floor space.  Therefore there will be vacancies over Christmas 2016 and beyond.

We will be taking on extra staff for Christmas and to work at Gist in the New Year.

Please let friends and family know that we have a lot of vacancies at Gist now and for the foreseeable future.

Gist Logo

Warehouse and LGV Drivers needed at Gist

We have vacancies in the follow areas:

  • Warehouse
  • LGV Drivers

We do also get vacancies during the year for Fork Lift Drivers, PPT Drivers Office and IT personnel.

Please come and register with us.  If you want good clean consistent work please call us on 01406 426637 or 07769734067.

Email Holbeach Recruitment to register with us

You can also send us an email to or visit  our web site .

New Blog for Holbeach Recruitment

Hello there, welcome to the new Blog for your local Holbeach Recruitment company website.  We will be posting news on upcoming job roles, new batches of jobs, and any other relevant local job news.

Working with our website management team at 79DESIGN in Spalding, we have had this blog developed to launch before Christmas 2016.

We work with some of the largest local employers in the region, so we hope to spread positive employment news here, from them as well.

As you can see, we are on Facebook and Twitter as well, so please follow us and join on there.  If you do, the latest job Posts that we submit on this Blog, will automatically be broadcast on there, so you have “up to the minute” news from your favourite recruitment service here in Holbeach, Lincolnshire.

Local jobs, Holbeach based, and news directly to you on our new blog

If you would like any particular information to be posted on our blog, please don’t hesitate to go to the contact page, and we will endeavor to have this news broadcast on here, and of course to others who follow us.  As your feedback is very helpful to making this blog an important place to visit.

logo holbeach recruitment new blog