Moved to new improved location offices

Holbeach Recruitment has now successfully moved into its new office location on the Gist site, on Wardentree Lane, Spalding (near Morrisons).

We are located in the office that was formally the Lloyd Loom premises next door to Gist’s existing site; just follow the signs.
Amanda, Elina and Steve are all permanently  working from these new premises.
This move will assist everyone from job seekers to current employees.

If you have any queries regarding or affecting your work come and see us, even if you just want to say hello we will be happy to see you.

There will be obvious customer care and communication benefits for Gist as well.
Not only are there offices in this building, but also packing and loading facility too.
There is also a huge benefit of addition of welcome extra car parking.  Our previous office was tucked away a little, in Holbeach, but we now have lots of free parking.

The Gist commercial team are busy looking for new customers to fill this space which will have a knock on affect for Holbeach Recruitment, more customers for Gist means more work for Holbeach Recruitment Ltd.

To contact us, please go to, or give us a call on our existing number.

We are having a few photos taken to show on our website, and will broadcast them when the weather is a little here in Spalding.  We look forward to welcoming to you our new premises.

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